Books by Doug Keller

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Volumes 1 AND 2. Volume 1 contains foundations in fascial anatomy, roots of pain problems in postural and movement habits, and myofascial lines applied in yoga practice. Volume 1 provides theoretical underpinning; Volume 2 provides applications in specific areas of the body.    Link to Details

Volume 1 provides the 'Foundations' for understanding the underlying therapeutic wisdom of yoga, especially in terms of our evolving understanding of the myofascia and its role in common pain problems — and how this can be addressed through principles of yoga practice. Link to Details

Volume 2 is designed to be of immediate practical use to practitioners, and is a good reference for dealing with specific problems — feet, knees, hips, low back, neck and shoulders, and how to address them in practice. The book does assume some familiarity with basic yoga postures. Link to Details

'Refining the Breath' takes you step-by-step into the yoga of the breath. It is ideal for both beginning and intermediate yoga students, explaining the basics of breath both anatomically and energetically (as described within the yoga tradition). Link to Details

Yoga phiosophy is the product of a rich evolution of thought about the meaning and purpose of practice. What exactly does the philosophy of yoga 'teach?' The richness of what yoga philosophy has to offer lies in exploring this very question. Link to Details

Hatha Yoga in the Anusara Style: this is a FREE download of the book as a pdf document. This was a widely used manual for understanding Anusara principles in the period of the development of this style of yoga up until 2003. This link will take you to the pdf, where you can 'save as' pdf. Click Here for the Download Page