'Putting your mind' to a discipline — and being empowered by that practice — is what 'yoga' has meant from its beginnings. The evolving disciplines of yoga — meditation, pranayama, asana — provide the tools for empowering us mentally and physically, as well as for breakthrough into our own spiritual heart. That is what yoga has to offer.
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Books on Yoga As Therapy, Pranayama and Yoga Philosophy, as well as audio cds for guided practice and lectures on topics in yoga philosophy — all by Doug Keller — are available for purchase through the online bookstore. To enter the bookstore, click here

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Articles for Download

Years of articles on therapeutic topic, authored by Doug Keller for Yoga Journal and the Yoga International or 'Yoga+' magazines, are available here for free download in PDF format. To enter the Articles Forum, click here

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Online Training Courses

In partnership with YogaU, provider of the best in online yoga education via webinars, Doug Keller is providing a series of online courses in therapeutics, beginning with Yoga for Healthy Hamstrings,Essentials of Safe Hip Opening and Secrets of Jalandhara Bandha