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The resources available here are distinguished by their subject matter, each of which illuminates an aspect of yoga. The audio CD's are divided into practice CDs, which consist of guided practices of pranayama and meditation, and 'talk' CDs, which consist of lectures I've given on various topics.

Yoga As Therapy

This groundbreaking two volume work offers you insightful and accessible tools for making your own yoga more therapeutic with regard to structural, muscular and joint problems, as well as exploring the Ayurvedic aspects of postural (asana) practice that affect organ function as well as the subtler 'flows' or 'srotas' in the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems, and their related flows of 'prana.' The volumes include assessment techniques regarding both posture and common injuries, exploration of the specifics behind the injuries, and practical approaches to working with these problems. More on Yoga As Therapy...

Heart of the Yogi

This book follows the development of thought in yogic philosophy from its beginnings in the Vedas to the relatively recent forms of tantra. Its aim is to bring a greater and more balanced understanding of the philosophical landscape of yoga and spiritual purpose of yogic practice. The book has a special interest in introducing the reader to the Tantric philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism, which might be regarded as a culmination of the best of the philosophical insights that came before it. More on Heart of the Yogi....

Refining the Breath

Yogic breathing is an essential practice of hatha yoga that not only brings relaxation, clarity, focus and renewed energy; it is the doorway from asana (the practice of yoga postures) into meditation. 'Refining the Breath' takes you step-by-step into the yoga of the breath. It is ideal for both beginning and intermediate yoga students, it delves into principles of posture and the many forms of pranayama. It covers the practical details, benefits and purpose for doing pranayama, as well as the subtler energetics of the prana and its relationship to spiritual progress. The practices themselves are presented in simple, straightforward and clear detail, to be used as a guide for practice. More on Refining the Breath...

Audio CDs

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