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Heart of the Yogi

Yoga philosophy is richer and more varied than it is given credit for being. Its terms and concepts are the product of a rich evolution of meaning, from the very meaning of 'yoga' as 'union' onward. The philosophy of yoga is inseparable from its practice, but what exactly does the philosophy of yoga 'teach?' The richness of what yoga philosophy has to offer lies in exploring this very question.

This book follows the development of thought in yogic philosophy from its beginnings in the Vedas to the relatively recent forms of tantra. Its aim is to bring a greater and more balanced understanding of the philosophical landscape of yoga and spiritual purpose of yogic practice. The book has a special interest in introducing the reader to the Tantric philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism, which might be regarded as a culmination of the best of the philosophical insights that came before it.

The contributions of each school to the organic growth and development of spiritual understanding through the ages are highlighted, with examples and explanations that make these ideas relevant to your own interest in spirituality and yogic practice. The latter part of the book includes essays based on my own experiences as a teacher and practitioner.

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